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The Aruba 4 Series (AWR) residential, cast iron, hot water boiler is a fully-packaged, installer-ready product. The rear draft diverter provides a low profile design that allows for closet applications on AWR models through the AWR210. This atmospheric, gas-fired boiler is for use with a conventional chimney fueled with natural or LP gas. The Aruba 4 features a standardized Honeywell Intermittent Ignition System.

The Aruba 4 comes with an Integrated Boiler Control with temperature control, relay, and ignition functions in a single module. This includes an additional circulator output for a second heating zone or an indirect water heater like the Mega-Stor. All controls are located inside the front vestibule, creating a clean look and space efficient design. With the controls located in the front of the boiler and supply/return tappings on both the left and right side, the Aruba 4 has flexible installation options to fit most locations.

The Benefits at a Glance
Cast Iron Heat Exchanger
Boiler easily field convertible to left side piping
Built-in rear draft diverter to fit low spaces
Controls located inside the jacket and easily accessible from the front of boiler.
Eight sizes from 38 to 280 MBH
Limited lifetime warranty


This wall-mounted condensing boiler has a stainless steel water tube heat exchanger, and is one of our most efficient offering. The Phantom is available in five sizes (80, 100, 120, 150, and 180 MBH) with multiple venting options. The Phantom offers “Smart Boiler” capabilities, like outdoor reset and a modulating burner with 5:1 turndown ratio. A Honeywell SOLA control with a touchscreen user interface comes standard, as does low water cutoff, and side panel access to the circulator makes this boiler a serviceman’s dream. Watch the video below to learn more about the Phantom® stainless steel condensing boiler!

The Benefits at a Glance
95% AFUE
Stainless Steel water tube heat exchanger
Five sizes: 80, 100, 120, 150, and 180 MBH input
Compact wall mount installation
Outdoor reset with included sensor
Modulating burner with 10:1 turndown ratio
Honeywell SOLA control with touch screen interface
Vent adapter allows for CPVC/PVC or single wall polypropylene venting
Preinstalled boiler pump
Low NOx – meets South Coast Rules 1146.2 requirements


High efficiency, gas fired, stainless steel, Heating and combi boiler.

The stainless steel, gas-fired Raptor is our first fire tube design for natural or LP gas offering superior efficiency and performance with a 95% AFUE. The boiler is available in five sizes – 85, 110, 155, 205, and 270 MBH.  A 155-MBH combi model is also available featuring a thermostatic mixing valve and brazed plate heat exchanger. The Raptor and Raptor Combi offer home heating and optional domestic hot water built on world-class engineering.

All Raptors include a user-friendly touch screen interface, 5-to-1 turndown ratio and an outdoor reset function to ensure top performance in response to demand and outdoor temperature changes.

The Benefits at a Glance
95% AFUE
5:1 Turndown Ratio
Advanced Honeywell SOLA control with ergonomic touch screen display
Five Sizes: 85, 110, 155, 205, & 270 MBH
Available as Combi at 155 MBH featuring Thermostatic Mixing Valve and Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
5 Year Parts Warranty
Natural or LP Gas (Field Convertible)
Field Adjustable for High Altitude
Universal vent Connection
Outdoor reset and sensor
Versatile top and bottom supply and return connections

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